Monday, May 23, 2016

Let's Face It 2016

Just thought I would share some portrait work I've been doing with an online class called
"Let's Face It 2016" it's run by Kara Bullock you can find it here
There is a new lesson every week by a different instructor and the class is suitable for you no matter where you are at in your journey. 

I've done some portrait work in graphite with 3 views - front facing, 3/4 and profile. It is really amazing to see my growth. I do not draw and paint as much as I would and you really need to be doing all the time to practice. Practice makes all the difference. :)

Week 3

Week 11

Week 19

I have also done two painting lessons:

Week 4 - lesson with Petra Stein
(LOVED this lesson)

Week 6- lesson with Karine Bosse

(This lesson was a huge challenge and I need to do it again. It is on wood - I've never painted a portrait on wood before and also used watercolors, absorbant ground and oil pastels. The lesson called for a mixed media background but I did not like mine at all. I tend not to line this type of background on my portrait work. I ended up covering it up and using acrylics) I really dislike this painting but we learn from every piece we work on. 


Paper Attic said...

Such wonderful work Lisa!!! My favourite is the girl with blue hair, her expression is beautiful and it's so well done, bravo to you! This is something that lots of people want to do but never go ahead and try....good job! xo

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