Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Favorite Canvas Work for 2013

Hi Everyone! 
I know it's a tradition to share your top 10 layouts for the year ending. However, a lot of my favorite and accomplished work for the year has not been in the form of layouts. Although I do have favorite layouts for the year I also have favorites for canvas, cards and tags. I thought instead of doing one post I will do a few over the next couple of weeks sharing my favorites for the year in each genre.

So here we go!

Published in Somerset Memories Spring 2013

Published in Somerset Memories Spring 2013

Prima PPP Win July 2013

OOPS I forgot one!


Chantal Vandenberg said...

Wow! Such beautiful artwork!!

Monica said...

Awesome work and such an inspiration!

Dawn Carlyle said...

All so beautiful!!!!

Natalya Loi said...

Gorgeous works!

Cindy Gay said...

So pretty!

Lizzyc said...

These are amazing.. love them..

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