Sunday, December 12, 2010


I took a different approach this month to the Swirlydoos Kit club sketch challenge! Instead of a 12x12 layout, I used an 8x10 artists canvas. I flipped it over to the backside and used it like a shadowbox! I had seen this technique done before and you know when you have one of those aha! moments. I'd been turning around in my brain what I would do with this months sketch and then it came to me. :)
I used Decembers Swirlydoos kit "Divine Noel" . These papers are Iron Orchid Designs- Night Divine collection! I wanted to do something a little whimisical but still keep it elegant to go with these papers. I am very inspired by Larissas work. She has a very whimiscal, magical, inventive style. That's where I got the inspiration to cut my daughter out of the photos and use her on this shadowbox in this way!
I am really happy with how it turned out.

I used gesso first all over the canvas. The next thing I did was to paint the sides and back. I used a red acrylic paint first on the back, then went over the canvas in metallic gold. From there I covered the front and inside the front edges with layers of paper.
I made some spiral roses and distressed them to make them shabby. I also took apart the prima cluster flower that came in our kit. I do that a lot. I use them how they work on my layout and don't feel I need to stick within the boundry of how they are packaged! I added that gorgeous crystal we received in our
kit to my bow!

I have to tell you this was REALLY fun!!!!! I encourage you to try it. My motto is "think outside the box" but this time I "went inside the box" so to speak. hee hee. Okay sorry for the bad pun!

Thanks for the blog visit! Many hugs to you all!


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Tina Connolly said...

This is truely gorgeous. I've used the "backwards canvas" technique a few times, and love it.

Cindy Gay said...

Beautifully done.

LisiB said...

This is a fun project. Indeed very interesting and the result is wonderful

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