Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What I'm reading

I used to read non stop...then I discovered scrapbooking and the reading went down hill. I used to read a book every week. Now I spend most of my time on line looking for inspiration and techniques and reading other peoples blogs. Oh that's when I'm not scrapping which is almost all the time to keep up with assignments! LOL 

That's about to change! It's summer and I'm in reading mode again. I picked this book up awhile ago and just getting into it now. Have you guys read it?
Well spoiler alert if you have not--- I'm at the part where the police are beginning to search and he is looking awfully guilty to me. Are they making him look guilty to throw me off or is he???

Shooting to finish this in a week. It's a long book though so not sure I'll do it.
What to read next? I like thrillers. Suggestions anyone?


Elena Olinevich said...

I used to read a lot, before I met the scrap. Now I am just buying good books illustrated by modern artists, or those reprinted with the illustrations published more than 50 years ago. So there are several books for kids and teenagers that are still interesting for me. So I say I buy for my kids, but actually I buy for myself, I suppose I have started to colect them

Lizzyc said...

I used to read too, now I scrap so I am not up with books!!

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