Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pickin Berries

I would love to paint a picture of a perfect day filled with the anticipation of our annual ritual "Strawberry Picking" at the farm.
Oh and the baskets we wove ahead of time just for this occasion... me being the perfect Mom never misses this event and after I have taken my "candid yet so perfectly posed" professional looking amatuer photographs with my awesome DSLR point and shoot we then head home clutching our overfilled hand woven baskets where we spend the evening making jam and baking pies...NOT!!!!

I am not the perfect Mom by a long shot and while I spend a great deal of my time feeling "less than" I won't put out there under the premise that I am perfect so that you in turn will fell "less than' compared to me.

I live perhaps 10 minutes from this farm. I have for 14 years- my dd is 7 and this is the first time we have gone there to pick berries. 
Maybe it's because the season is so short and I forget to go there before the berries are gone...

Maybe it's because I am lazy and not paying attention...

It could be that I didn't have any of these traditions growing up so I have to make everything up as I go along and I hit bump in the road on this one...

We went after school (hence the messy hair) a long day of first grade antics in the heat and being one of the last days of school. Me (not being perfect) didn't redo the hair and just let those rebellious strands escape the confines of the elastic prison they were in.

The basket...well that was actually more cardboard...purchased at the farm for 1.50. 
And our basket did not over flow at the cost of 2.50 a pound and no pie baking/ jam making on the agenda I stopped at 4 pounds.

The whole event took less than an hour and we have just enough berries to enjoy before they turn to mush which happens in just a matter of days (anyone with tips to keep fresh fruit fresh longer I would love to hear it)

I did however let my daughter know this was a "memory day" and hope when she grows up she will remember I took her "Strawberry Picking" when she was little.
 If not I now have the pictures to prove I did it 
jog her memory.

Hoping this is the first in what will be a tradition- someone remind me next year when it's stawberry picking season.

Any berry picking traditions in your family?


LisiB said...

Ah, How refreshing to read the truth. We usually go blueberry picking when we are on vacation. During school time there is no way I could manage that. Lovely pictures!!!!!

LISA said...

Ahhhh. What a wonderful post. We are moms, not super women,not perfect, but wait...We might be in our childrens eyes. And I can bet you did create a memory for her. I loved strawberry picking when I was younger. Oh the juicy fresh picked sunkissed goodness piled up in wooden baskets!! Yes, I remember...and those memories are sweet!! Don't underestimate yourself. We may be less than perfect, but we are great moms!!! Just look at our kids!! xoxo

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