Friday, February 19, 2010

Two x Two

This is a layout I did for a "Round Robin" challenge I am involved in over at Swirlydoos!
 If you are not familiar, You have 4 groups of 4 people. The first four people do a layout, the second group of 4 lift the first groups layout, the 3rd group lifts the 2nd and the 4th group lifts the 3rd.

The first layout that I had to lift was done by the fabulous Peggy a regular Swirly Savage at my home, Swirlydoos. Here is hers:
Beautiful isn't it?
Now here is my lift of hers:

I used 7G papers that were in my stash from a Swirly kit a few months ago. I made the dragonfly out of the metal technique I learned this past month. So addicting! I did some masking and I inked and used chalk on the chipboard circle frame. I really like how that came out.  

My March Swirlydoos kit came in yesterday and it is just GORGEOUS!!!!!! I would love to take photos of it and plaster it here but that would be violating reveal day! Sooooo for all you non swirly ladies you will have to wait till months end! I'm so happy I'm a swirly girl and an early release one too. It would be way too painful if I had to wait!!!!


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