Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sharing Myself

I originally intended to use this blog strictly for scrapping but I know how much I enjoy reading the blogs of others I visit faithfully and learning more about them. I just came from my Swirly friend Mandy's blog (Craftysprinkles) and loved her idea of sharing a little about herself beyond the bio. Thanks for that idea Mandy. So here are some little snippets of what's going on for me these days.

I have been a devoted "work out " girl for the past 5 years. Exercising faithfully at least 5 days a week at the gym. The last few months I have been slacking. Not that I am not going, just maybe down to two or three times a week. I take classes and on most days stay for two so I am still getting in 4-6 hours most weeks but have a seriously hard time leaving the house in the morning. It's a struggle and never used to be. I think it's the cold and the snow. I never minded the winter but the older I get the more I hibernate in the winter. I would love to move somewhere warmer but DH is not willing.

I live in New England, which is very beautiful and picturesque. I am a true New England girl. I live in a red saltbox colonial and adore all that is old and banged up so to speak. Beyond my love for scrapping I have a passion for decorating my primitive country home. Shopping at antique stores and country stores is one of my great loves. I don't do as much of that these days as I did before my little one came along. Just simply because I can't away much to do it and do not enjoy it if I must bring her along. Ahhhh but she won't be little forever and the time will come when I can "antique" on my own again. DH enjoys this too so we will pick up on that once again in a few years.

Well, I am determined to work out this a.m. so I must get off now if I am to make this mornings class!

Thanks for visiting me and wishing you all a wonderful day!!!


Tina said...

I absolutely LUV, primitive country!! Only w/5 children, my house is a work in progress.

The the new blog look too!!

Have a wonderful day:)

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