Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kitchen News

I have been on my husband for about year now requesting an update of our kitchen. Well, he kept saying it was fine. (Men!) Then about two weeks ago the fridge died ( yay! )  Our excursion to buy a new fridge led to replacing all the appliances! (Just got too good of a deal on the lot to pass up) Once the new fridge came, hubby said --- Okay now the cabinets need to go! So we are refacing them! Everything is on order and just waiting for them to come in! Hoping once that is all done he won't want to wait to do the counters too. Keeping my fingers crossed! hee hee

Once it's all under way I will post before and after pics. Can't wait!!!!


Tina said...

LOL.........Awesome Lisa!! I wanna see!!

Tina xo

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