Saturday, October 14, 2017

My Art These Days

Hello Blog Friends,

It's been awhile since I have posted anything. I've taken a break from the scrapbooking world in order to pursue my true dreams artistically. I've been taking on line drawing/painting classes for awhile and now have started taking them in person at a local studio.

I'll just share a few things I've been up to in my online classes in case you don't follow me on facebook. :)

These first two sketches are from an online class I am taking with Lauren Rudolph called Collaged Reflections. I've just been focusing on the sketching part of things at the moment. If you are looking for an excellent drawing skills class this is it. Lauren really teaches you how to "see" like an artist.

I've been taking a class with Kara Bullock called Charcoal Like Mad. Also taking Let's Face It 2018.
These are some practice sketches in charcoal practicing hands.

You can see on this last one I used grid marks for my guides and didn't erase them yet. Using a grid is a tool artists use to get everything in the right place. I'm starting to need this tool less and less. Last year when I took Let's Face It 2016 my grid marks were 1 inch blocks. Now I'm using them mainly when I am practicing hands that are detailed or a figure to get the proportions correct. When I'm just drawing a face I'm finding I'm not needing it as much unless the face is at a difficult angle that I can't get right.

Finally these are from a class with Annie Hamman (my idol). This class is called Close Up Workshop. This focuses on drawing and painting and learning to do expressive loose work.

The first one is a collaged background with a very loose drawing on it. I added some acrylics.

This one is a sketch on music sheet paper. 

That's what I've been up to for now. The in person class I'm painting a still life. If it's decent enough I'll share it when I'm finished. :)

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