Monday, November 2, 2015

Collage Art Journaling and Workshop at Scraps of Darkness/ Elegance Kit Club

Hello Friends-

I've recently found a new love in the art world- collage style art journaling! I host a little workshop at our Scraps of Darkness/ Elegance community on Facebook. You can find it ------- HERE
I like to give the girls prompts to get them going on art journaling. This month I have embarked on a whole new journey and thought I would share my first page and give the girls some tips from what I learned while doing this page. First off this page is something I would consider as an experiment. There is a whole lot wrong with it and I normally wouldn't share it as I don't feel it's "design team" quality. BUT we all start somewhere and grow from there so here is my starting point.

I wanted to incorporate my Scraps of Elegance Kit from October "Tiffanys Style" Kit --- you can find it --- HERE 
I used the Prima papers from the kit and also the stencil and watercolor pencils.

This style of journaling calls for using printables, magazines, books, wallpaper, wrapping paper or photocopying your old art. The journey is to see all of these things in a different way. Cut them up, look at colors and shapes, take something from the page and transform it on your own. It is suppose to be whimsical/ playful/ quirky and interesting. You need to be very free when doing this type of work not thinking but using your strange thoughts and instincts. I found this to be very difficult because I am very controlling when it comes to art. I desire to be more free. I can't grow if I don't I take on new challenges. I also did my own writing which is another skill to be acquired. I warn you this is VERY ADDICTING. Once you get started it is a WHOLE DIFFERENT mindset from scrapbooking and mixed media type work. You can just keep going and going on this.

So the art journal prompt is "Lies" this is what I give the girls to get them motivated.

What I learned and tips for you if you try this-

I used a Dylusions art journal. I wouldn't do that again. I bought another book to do my next project in and I am also going to make my own book. I found the Dylusions book to heavy for this type of work. The paper is thick and the way the book is bound just didn't appeal to me for this style of art journaling.  I also used the Prima papers on my borders. That is another thing I wouldn't do - use scrapbook paper. I ordered some 28 pound smooth paper which is suppose to be slighter heavier than copy paper but not heavy like cardstock and that should work better. I can copy my printables on it.

I used the watercolor pencils from prima as my base in the background. This went ok. I like the solid color for this type of work. At first I tried doing a mix media and trashed two pages because it was just yuck! 

Collage style art journal  by Lisa Novogrodski using the Scraps of Elegance kit "Tiffanys Style"

I used a stencil along with freehand doodling around the border. I did a lot of little doodling and pen work. This is not something I am well versed in. I don't usually work with pens and markers. I am very excited to learn this new medium and improve my skills.

It's time to pull out that "Lettering" book I bought a few years ago and get practicing!

Get those art journals out ladies and google some collage style art journaling. It is so FUN!


LISA said...

It is kind of like funky she art!!! I just love how you do it!! I find this piece adorable and very artistic indeed!!!

Kathy Bradley said...

Even though you say it's experimental - I love it, Lisa! I have a board on Pinterest where I have started collecting "collage" pieces - it really is a mixture of different types of collage work. I love this piece and think it is amazing. I can't wait to follow you on this and learn from you. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Landry said...

So totally cool and artsy! You did a fabulous job!!

Tracy F said...

This is so cool! Love it! BL

Camille Short said...

Lisa, may your day be as wonderful and amazing as your creation! Bloggie Love

Colleen said...

You did a great job. BL

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