Monday, July 21, 2014

Bellelive Blog Tour Nomination

Hey All! It's very exciting here today in blog land! I have been nominated by one of my wonderful artsy friend Lizzy Wurmann to join this creative blog hop! Lizzy is an educator on our Scraps of Darkness Design Team and has become a close friend of mine. I love her style and her creative inspiration.

With this blog hop we have the opportunity to get to know new artsy bloggers we might not otherwise have found- see their styles, learn about their techniques and create new experiences.

Check out my dear friend Lizzy Wurmann's blog post and her unique quirky style which a true favorite of mine.

There are four questions all participants need to answer before they nominate three other bloggers to continue the tour. I will answer my questions before leading you to three other talented artists I've selected who are more than worthy of this nomination.

1. What are you working on?

I'm currently taking a few workshops one being Jamie Dougherty's "Blooming Through The Seasons" where I just completed my first lesson (July's Bloom Girl)
Here is a closer look at her!

Another project I am working on is a combined design team project for Scraps of Elegance with a custom order for my etsy shop. I am the "Chasing Rabbits" kit for July. You can find it here.

This is a shabby dress form frame. This is a work in progress. Still playing around with placement and finishes. Nothing is glued down yet. :)

One more thing I am up to is making clay embellishments for my etsy shop.
You can find my shop here.

Here are a couple of new clay items I will be listing.

2. How does your work differ from others in this genre?

Hmmm.... always a tough question. I don't like to box myself in with a definition. Right now I am enjoying work that is heavily layered, mixing patterns of papers, stamps and mixed media techniques. I am working more in a collage style fashion both in an artsy and shabby chic style depending on what papers I'm working with.

I'm taking many workshops this year and working on my drawing and painting skills. I love to draw. It's a big passion of mine and right now I see myself wanting to grow in this genre. It is a dream to take it to a higher level. Not sure if I will get there as life has a way happening while you are making other plans but we shall see. :)

3. Why do you create what you do?

I am on several design teams. The work I do for the kit clubs are to showcase the kits. Melinda the owner of Scraps of Darkness and Elegance gives us complete creative freedom. When I create for her it is whatever comes from within. It's not something I can explain. I can visualize a scrapbook page, tag, mini album or altered item from the kit contents. They speak to me- they really do- and tell me what they want to be.
Manufacturer work is always given as assignments to showcase their products. I work with the assignment I have been given.

Drawing and painting really come from my soul. I really consider my drawing to be my soul speaking.

Now on with our blog tour:

Meet my 3 ever so talented nominees:

Lisa Gregory - I met Lisa in cyber world when I first got involved with scrapbooking and she has a been a mentor and a friend ever since. I had the great pleasure of meeting her in person several years ago on a scrap retreat and hope to meet up with her again someday. Lisa's work is extraordinary and I am sure you all know her as she is a popular gal! Her flowers are her signature and try as might I can never get mine quite as beautiful as hers.

Renea Harrison - Renea is my design team sister on the SOD and SOE kit clubs and we have known each other in this way for a long time. She is one of the sweetest people I know and has become a good friend over the years. I love her vintage, romantic shabby style. I admire her ability to make anything into a shabby delight.

Michelle Phillips - Michelle is also a design team sister on the Scraps of Darkness team. I adore Michelles fun and witty personality and her artsy grunge style of artwork. She is one of those people who can brighten up even the cloudiest day. She has no idea how many times she has made me laugh out loud at my computer!

I know you will be greatly inspired by these gals. Please have a peek and they will be up with their own nominations on the 28th.


reneabouquets said...

Lisa, I just love your work and your new bloom girl looks amazing! I am more than honored to call you my scrappy sister and friend, and want you to know how much your nomination means to me! I also loved learning more about your through your answers, and I am always on your side rooting as I see your successes and growth. Huge hugs to you!!

Lizzy Wurmann G. said...

Oh my....reading at Renea's post, tears came to my eyes....I love your work and your nominations Lisa. Thanks for being an inspiration and a great and close friend!!

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