Thursday, January 9, 2014

Art Journal

Today I have peek at my first art journal page.
I am taking a Jane Davenport workshop on drawing whimsical faces and this is my first one for this class.

The face was drawn in colored pencils which I loved using. I've used acrylics on her face for shading and in her hair. I brushed on some of Lindys Mists for her hair as well. I was lacking some of the supplies Jane uses and had to improvise with what I had but next one should be better as those supplies are on their way from Amazon! LOL

The background was created with tissue paper! This was great fun and I will be doing more of that in the future!

If you  have ever had the itch to draw I highly recommend either Jane Davenport or Willowing (Tamara LaPort)  I am taking a host of workshops and they are excellent instructors. Anyone can do it I assure you!

Till next time. :)


Lizzyc said...

She is beautiful.. her eyes are mesmerizing!!

Dara Lynn said...

Stunning job Lisa! I also took Jane's class....I know we all will see some wonderful creations from you!

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