Saturday, October 16, 2010

Invisible Me

Hmmm...where to begin. I like to scrap sunshine and rainbows just as much as the next gal. However as much I like the original purpose of scrapbooking (to catalog memories for our families) I view scrapbooking more as an art. At least for me it is. I'm interested in growing, expanding and pushing my creativity. I'm interested in expressing myself through photographs, photo editing, paper, paint, and lots of product! With that being said, I have started a "book of me." Not your "here is me at 5 and here is me at my graduation" type book of me. This book is "ME." My thoughts, my likes and dislike, it is for me, about me, the triumphs and struggles. It is for my kids, someday, if they want to get to know the woman behind the mask. It's to share with you. Because I think our struggles are what people can most relate to, it's what connects us and makes us human.
So enough with my random rambling and on with the show.  There are times when I like to be thought provoking with my work. This is one of those times.

The journal reads: Forgotten daughter, discarded friend, unheard voice, unnoticed talent...
You would never know if you met me that I have spent a great deal of my life for various reasons, feeling invisible, discarded and ignored. There were times in my life when I wanted to be invisible and blend right into the woodwork. There are times when I wanted to scream "notice me"  "notice my talent" yet took a back seat and let others take the spotlight instead...   I will leave you with just that small bit to ponder. The rest is for me. :)
I was inspired to do this lo for a challenge over at MCS hosted by Gabi P! Thanks Gabi!

I used a template and cut out the Artisan shape from the CI Paper. I cut the clock on my Silhouette (it would have been fabulous to have gotten a DA one but alas all the vultures at Swirlydoos bought them out from under me!) I took this photo of myself really quickly. Amazed it came out that cool. Then I used pse to create a mirror image and I then placed it on my b & w photo. I used a lot of smooch on this to give it pop. I also used a punch to make the flowers out of vellum and some of the Websters for the rose center.

* I used the October Swirlydoos kit - CS-black, PP- Creative Imaginations Melange, Websters Hollywood Vogue
*Smooch Spritz Splash
* Prima black vine
* Other: black beads
*7 Gypsies Optical lens
*Silhouette SD
*Alpha- Bo Bunny, October Afternoon


Denise said...

Lisa, I love this! Making a book about urself is an awesome idea. I hate to think that u have felt invisible...ur so talented. Your work has inspired me as well. Keep ur chin up and ur head held high cause u r one creative chica!!

Cindy Gay said...

It's beautiful. You're definately noticed though I understand wanted to blend in too!

Ulysses' mama said...

What a great idea to leave a journal of yourself for your children to get to know you better later. Love that idea. Your page is awesome!

Cottagerca said...

great work on your layout. Very intersting.

trisha too said...

It's a beautiful LO; yep, I understand the invisible thing.

It's definitely one of those things that has its upsides and downsides . . .

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