Friday, June 11, 2010


I went on a mad prima spree one day and purchased the yummy Stawberry kisses papers. I have had them set aside along with the brick wall Hambly Screen Print to use with this photo of my daughter. She is 4 and is emerged in the princess world. It's really the only age you get away with wearing a tiara everywhere you go and not having people think you have an ego problem! So these papers and photo have been sitting on my desk awaiting inspiration for a layout. I'm in the "lift your fav's challenge" over at and lo and behold came across this awesome layout titled Captured Moment at "The Color Room" by Sandra van der Geest. I hadn't meant to shamelessly lift her entire layout but it worked so perfectly right down to the dandelion flowers that it just sort of happened! Full credit to Sandra for the design. Take a peek at her blog. Her work is very inspiring!

After completing this layout (which I also did for the "CUT IT OUT" CHALLENGE OVER AT SWIRLYDOOS) I realized I could not find Sandra's gallery at So I don't think I can use this as a scrap your fav's! Oh well. Will have to scrap another fav! hee hee
I hand cut all the flowers. The swirly leaves/vines are from StarSailorScrapper. I printed them out and cut them by hand. I cut the dandelions on my Silhouette and then colored them slightly with smooch. I used the Prima Pastiche chippee and made the two little rose centers on the Pet a loo flowers. The title is also from the Prima Pastiche collection. I added some butterflies that I have had in my stash from previous SWIRLYdoos kits!!!


Sandra said...

Hi! I'm sorry..I just read your email. But I'm so honoured that you scraplifted my layout!!!! And I think your layout is more than gorgeous!!! Love the picture and the colors!! (and the design of course..;-)..) Indeed, I don't have any online gallery right now, only a blog. Not very active on FB either..sorry..Thanks for giving me credit!

Tina said...

LUV that lo.......BEAUTIFUL!!!

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