Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Scraproom

So we have a finished walkout basement in our house. It's nice because it's quite large and has full windows and a sliding door. We finished it with one large room which we were using as a media room and my daughters playroom. I had the smaller room attached to it for my scraproom. So a month ago I made the switch and turned the small room into my daughters playroom and moved all my stuff into the media room.
Here is a looksee:

It's arranged a little different now from when I took these pics. That table with the photos is not there anymore. I know it's fun to look at peeps scraprooms and I figured since you are visiting me I would give you something new to look at till I post my next batch of layouts! Stay tuned!


Angelica said...

Very spacious and organized!! A perfect place to create:)

The Scrapoholic said...

What a great space!!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thank you for sharing your space. I have an organizing blog and I love seeing what other people do with their spaces. I like the crispness of the wall color with your white furniture. It gives a very crisp clean feel. You have a lovely space. You also have some really nice scrapbook kits. Connie

Michelle said...

This is so pretty, Lisa!!! I love the color! The white moulding just pops.. it's beautiful. I love crown moulding anyway!! ;)

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